Anonymous said:
what game????? ill buy you a bunch or just a couple more expensive ones idc

mm idk i still dont know if i wanna send these out tbh

Anonymous said:
hEY if u make up another case and a disc with ur album on it ill gladly buy it and give u money through paypal or something for it???

mmmmm i dont really want money but that sounds cool! 

Anonymous said:
put a link to ur song here’s basically everything i have so go nuts 

Boring Angel
Oneohtrix Point Never

pussyrights replied to your post: pussyrights replied to your post: ohhh…

where can i hear them

I Don’t Even Care and Computer Dreams are on my bandcamp! !

pussyrights replied to your post: ohhhhh man oh man ohhh man

do they actually have songs

yes they do!! and the sound quality isnt that bad actually